Virtual Reality Gas Pump Training for Oregon

Virtual reality gas pump training courtesy PIXO VR

Dear Oregon,

We understand you don’t know how to pump your own gas and are terrified of the struggles this new challenge might bring. We received word of your fears – spills, smells, and potentially, sudden death – and want you to know we get it. Learning something new can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be.

We have a gift for you. A ground-breaking, life-saving solution to your self-serve gas crisis – Virtual Reality Gas Pump Training.

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At our virtual gas pump, you will face many dangers, so you can practice safely avoiding them. Randomized scenarios will add re-play-ability and prepare you for the most common dangers of gas-pumping, including:

  • Avoiding spillage, and what to do when it inevitably occurs. (Visit the virtual dry cleaner!)
  • Using the pump to ward off attackers who may accost you while you pump your own gas.
  • Supervising children inside the car AND pumping your own gas—at the same time!

When we discussed your plight in an emergency staff meeting today, our CEO, Sean Hurwitz, said, “The value of virtual reality training, such as PIXO’s, is that it exposes participants to immersive experiences without putting them in any danger. Our VR training modules are so realistic, users will feel like they’re really at the pump, so they can practice making good decisions under pressure, without the dangers of real-life gas pumping.”

PIXO VR helps people stay safe; it’s at the core of everything we do. While we typically focus our efforts on utilities, first responders, manufacturing, and other high-risk professions, we see you’re in crisis. And we’re here to help.

Hang in there Oregon, we’re all rooting for you.   


Your friends at PIXO VR

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