VR Interview Practice to Land the Perfect Job

Enable job seekers with the interview skills to help them enter the workplace

This VR interview technique training helps interviewers confidently answer character questions. Students will learn interview techniques, perfect their pitch, and practice dozens of interview questions. This content covers character based interview question training where students can try out various skills learned in this training and demonstrate their learning via interviews with virtual hiring managers. Trainees can safely try out their interview skills and receive personalized feedback without judgement from a trainer.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Focus Plus, Pico Neo 2, 3
What You'll Learn

This VR interview practice has four virtual reality modules totaling over 75 questions. Through this interview technique training, students will gain new techniques for job interviews and learn how to turn traits of their personality into strengths. Trainees will gain the following skills:

  • Discover a three-step strategy for preparing for character-related interview questions
  • Craft winning answers that are relevant, memorable and succinct, while staying true to the student’s personality
  • Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills when delivering responses in a job interview

The VR Experience

The VR interview practice begins with the user donning the VR headset and selecting one of four different virtual reality job interview simulations. The users will be taught a set of techniques to prepare them to answer character-based job interview questions. They are also taught body language and verbal cues that demonstrate confidence and motivate engagement. Once the user completes the training, they can enter the job interview for self-paced practice at answering real questions from a realistic interviewer. When the interview with the hiring manager is complete, the interview simulation provides valuable feedback on their interview performance. This includes assessment of verbal and non-verbal conduct as well as the responses. Trainees can conduct the training as many times as desired across the four job interview simulators to build their job interview skills. Improvement is typically rapid thanks to the safe space provided by the virtual reality simulation. Users can work through anxiety and nervousness, allowing preparation to shine through.

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